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Interior architecture is designing a space according to its function, with a consideration of the structural, technical and aesthetical values. To expand the definition, interior architecture covers designing the interior spaces of structures such as residents, corporate buildings ,historical places, hotels and accommodations, social spaces in order to their intended use with a highly detailed approach (electrical installation, water system, lighting, color and textural details, floor material, air conditioning, ceiling and wall coverings) also designing and producing the furniture of these spaces.

Design process involves not only the technical and aesthetical requirements but the physical and psychological needs of human and at this point interior architecture becomes a social profession that is in touch with the user as well as the space. The identity of the space is constituted by interior architects. To summarize Interior architecture is not just about organizing the furniture.

The graduates of this department can work in private and public institutions as an interior architect and as a consultant. It is possible to take part in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism, and in provincial and district municipalities. They can be the member or the manager of a designer group in private companies. They can have numerous jobs from the arrangement of all kinds of interior spaces (residences, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, yachts, caravans, etc.) to the design of furniture or fair stands. Those who do not choose to be dependent to an institution could also open their own offices and work freelance. In addition, the graduates could improve themselves in all kinds of design disciplines (cinema/television, performing arts, costume/décor, lighting, art direction, photography, fine arts, restoration, etc.). There are examples of interior architectus who work as photographers in the fashion industry, artists working on installation projects in the context of fine arts, art directors, furniture designers, lighting and stage designers.

There are three mandatory summer trainings during the course of education in IUE, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department. At the end of first year, students improve their knowledge on nature of different materials and production processes with “Workshop Training”. At the end of the second year, students have to complete “Construction Training” which aims to improve students’ awareness on construction of projects and gain experience on construction sites. As the third summer training students have to complete “Office Training” at the end of their third year in the university. This summer training teaches students every step of the project from concept phase to construction phase and the potential problems that may occur during the course of a project.

Students have to find workplaces for summer training with their own effort. However, our faculty helps students and gives recommendations as they have strong connections and valuable experiences in the sector. 

Generally a distinction is done like, ‘an architect designs the outside and an interior architect designs the inside the building’ but this is absolutely not true. It is very important to be aware of that an architect and an interior designer are a team and when they work together there will be come through the healthiest results. Both fields are about the space arrangement and develop from the same design education. When architects are equipped with certain size of engineering knowledge, interior designers are equipped with knowledge which let them make choices about characteristics of the space. If necessary to explain by professional term, working scales of both fields are different.


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