Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

With its recognition worldwide, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department of our university offers a qualified and unique education which fulfills the expectations of a student who is ambitious and has big goals. One third of the academic staff of the department is non-Turkish, it has collaborations with leading universities in the world and its alumni take active roles in international projects and constructions. We are proud of the success stories of our alumni who have a high intellectual capacity, have the self-critical skills and are able to look to a case from various viewpoints.

Our department’s education differentiates from the others with the human-centered design approach, special emphasis on sustainability, focus on specific areas, the design of mobile spaces for instance, and futuristic-visionary design studies. Within this context, not only the private spaces like houses, and public interiors such as hospitals, shopping malls and cultural buildings, but also mobile interiors like yachts and caravans, interiors of the future and the interiors of games and animation films are the topics of design studios.

Students learn, use and experience the tools of how to express an idea in virtual environment and materials-detailing like tools of how to construct in physical environment, in the courses integrated to the studios which constitute the backbone of four years education. Creative and groundbreaking design on the basis of a strong conceptual approach, a rich visual repertoire which such an approach needs, and the accumulation of knowledge on design history are among the acquisitions of students. Besides, ten elective courses give the third and fourth year students the opportunity of self-improvement in one of three areas: Digital-Technical Specialization, Field Specialization, Socio-Cultural Specialization.

Finally, material, the student in other words, unobviously is the main actor for the success of design education. Therefore, every student, who is ready for a hardworking, flexible but not loose, four years education, who has enough energy, motivation and resistance for standing up to go on working after every fall, is graduated to the professional practice and to the society as an interior architect who has a word to say, after completing our department program. We believe in that our students and graduates have the potential of changing the world.

Assoc. Prof. Emre Ergül
Department Head

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