Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

“Be with us and shape the future.”

“Develop your passion, creativity and ideas.”

Under these highlights our department tries to develop not only a profession, but also a personal design philosophy for each student. Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for interior architects in many fields like:

  •         - home and office design,
  •         - display and fair stand,
  •         - malls and business centers,
  •         - restoration and preservation,
  •         - hospitals, airports and many other complex public spaces,
  •         - interior of yacht design as well as all transportation systems,
  •         - and many more others upcoming and being created each day.

Concerning these goals, the department is oriented towards not only contemporary or historical design research approach, but also to challenge and to create new visionary and future design patterns that may offer a better social and ecological environment for the contemporary and upcoming generation. Our department and team would like to be a leading research and development platform for everybody. Students in our department will not only learn how to design, research and develop independent and personal design skills for their future profession, but they will also learn how to create spaces that considers, unifies and respects all ages, genders, religion, races, as well as our mother nature. We believe that it is our responsibility not only to develop a successful profession, but also to orient our students towards the need of a critical live long learning, research behavior and attitude.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our team.

Asst. Prof. Markus Wilsing
Department Head

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